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Let us build your shipping fleet, to your specifications!


Natureboy Express LLC offers your small shipping business our experience finding and vetting trucks for your shipping needs.  Find the capacity you need, with the equipment, insurance and driver qualifications you are looking for.  We manage your fleet, handle all the paperwork, dispatch your loads and provide 24/7 service that will make you smile.  We lower  your bottomline by offering capacity at competitive prices.  Work with a professional company with over 20 years in logistics.  We can cover your capacity. 


Shipper partner benefits include:

  • Capacity search and qualification to your specifications
  • Help with permitting, paperwork, customs or any needs that arise from your shipments
  • Fully vetted and insured carrier partners, dedicated to the success of your shipment
  • We maintain the equipment
  • Back office support
  • 27/7 Customer Support
  • Competitive and Transparent Freight Rates

We are commited to your success.  Contact us today to discuss your shipping needs or to book dedicated capacity.  Our fleet is at your disposal. 


Shippers or Brokers Looking for Trucks - Call (908) 280-5680 to discuss your freight needs or to get a quote.

We Are A Logistics Company Committed To Working For You!


At Natureboy Express, moving freight safely and reliably is our passion. Our goal is to be the best on-time, reliable and dependable carrier in the business.  We want to become your GO-TO freight partner. Moving freight is in our blood and it is our mission is to help brokers, and shippers reach their greatest potential  by providing the best equipment and drivers focused on moving our customer's freight as efficiently as possible. It is our commitment that we will exceed expectations 100% of the time.   Regardless of your freight needs, Natureboy Express, LLC can help you reach your goals, trim your costs and fulfill your capacity.  We are small enough to give you personal attention and have the connections to give you all the services you deserve. Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your freight experience. 


Natureboy Express LLC - Getting the job done RIGHT - One mile at a time!